I have been using gel (Cantu Lock and Twist) but my hair has felt very producty and matted so I’m looking for an alternative product. Any questions, just ask , Thank you for this article, and the step-by-step guide! Do you have any more advice to train my hair without looking like sonic the hedgehog whilst it is growing. It’s not about the price, for sure, but anyway.. thanks for replying. So what I would recommend is to let your hairdresser do her thing and use her own shampoo (seeing as your hair colour probably contains silicone) and so you’ll need a sulphate shampoo anyway to rinse this out. Hygral fatigue or moisture overload can be caused by not using enough protein-rich products or washing your hair every day. I’ve had so many ups and downs with this (mostly downs…) but it’s worth it in the end. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! I normally use Olaplex 3 to repair my hair after it’s been bleached and I was really excited to find that it’s CGM approved, but now I am paranoid about overdoing the protein and not having enough moisture! After this I plop my hair on a micro fibre towel and wrap it up for about 5-10 mins. I think my hair was similar when I started out but now I can go 4 or 5 days without a wash. Oily roots tend to be caused by either product build-up or sebum produced from your scalp so I would definitely get a scalp brush if you don’t already one. It really does work If you’re looking for hold, then I’d suggest root clips when diffusing and just a good amount of gel or mousse. When I wake up after sleeping, my hair is frizzy. Before starting CGM, my roots always got so oily, but this changed with time. Spend 2-3 minutes in the shower just vigorously massaging your scalp. The link I provided in this article definitely takes you to the right product on Amazon.co.uk BUT I can see that I have used the wrong image, showing the Express hair mask and for this I am very sorry! I’ve actually been washing and treating my hair as straight for the last 20 years, but the other day I decided to experiment by just casually scrunching my hair with no product and letting it air dry instead of brushing through it, and I was so surprised that my hair formed beachy waves with a few small ringlets. Does your hair mask say Express on it? The information that you have provided is amazing but the whole thing is still a mine field. You can be kind to rabbits and roos and have perfect, bouncy hair too. I’ve always looked after my hair, but it is dyed with semi-permanent colour. Wash just my scalp with Coily Curls Moisture shampoo by Umberto Giannini 2. I struggle with oily roots and dry ends, would that be protein overload or the other end of the spectrum? Sure I don’t get a super hard cast, but there’s so much less product build-up. Loved By Curls is reader supported. ‘Approved’ or ‘Curly Girl friendly’ simply means that these products do not contain any of the ‘bad’ ingredients listed by Lorraine Massey in her book, Curly Girl – The handbook and that they are completely safe to use. Sorry for the info dump but any advise for a newbie would be greatly appreciated and give me a challenge during this isolation period! Just one question, I find my long hair falls out quite a lot (Or i just notice it more maybe) the only way i can keep on top of it usually is by brushing it? So now I simply just take a big dollop of mousse and squeeze my curls. It leaves my hair clean and washes out all oil and product-build up which normally is very difficult to do. Below you will find a few of my personal favourite, as well as a list of all the UK approved Curly Girl Method products I have been able to find. Most cleansers will work for any hair type, but if you are protein sensitive I would recommend that you choose a cleanser without coconut or coconut oil. Unfortunately, there isn’t really such a thing as a clarifying shampoo if you want to follow the CG method to the letter. Thank you for this. I understand that you got mistaken, but It’s a bit disappointing…I waited for weeks to find some guidance for my issue, then I found your blog and still waited couple more weeks to receive the product… because it was sold out. Do this every 2 weeks. So do a deep condition weekly but only do an ACV rinse every two or four weeks. It’s so great for managing frizz! I’ve always applied serum to my hair when wet and again once dried to reduce frizz. Curls being a little lazy? Even though it takes SO much effort and takes SO long, really try and master ONE good wash+dry. And it’s one of my favourites. I think I’m just going to need to be patient although I’m dying to see how it turns out when it’s longer. The silicone acts as a film around each hair strand and embalms the follicles. However, many Curly Girls choose to use a clarifying shampoo once every month to get rid of build-up. The list includes cheap supermarket brands as well as high-end products and my aim is to make this product list as comprehensive as possible. Perk them up with our Miracle Curls Curl Refresher! Drug facts. You’ll need more than you think. We’ll whip them into shape! Thank you acainn, Thank you so much for taking the time to really break everything down in your article! Leah Allyannah (@leahallyannah) morphed into Vibe Queen with the ability to help girls feel fearless by transferring boosts of confidence to them. That is why I recommend trying a few at a time and focus more on the method rather than the products you use. The expensive products are not always better so if you want to try something different, maybe go for Sainsbury’s Apple conditioner or the Superdrug Cherry and almond conditioner. Perhaps go back to basics and find a conditioner for co-washing and conditioning (you can use the same product) and then really focus on mixing the product with water while you ‘squish’ your curls. So try using only a couple of products and see how you get on. I hope you have found this post informational. I have been looking into the CG method for a while but I don’t see a lot of talk about products that can be used on colour treated hair. You always need more than you think. Use this as a co-wash and then try a thicker product for deep conditioning once a week. These are still silicone, sulphate and alcohol free so won’t harm your hair at all. What do you recommend as a leave in conditioner for a hair suffering protein overload? You can either read and dissect labels for the ingredients below which gives me a headache. My hair also feels moisturised afterwards, even after colouring! The best mousses for curly hair, including curly girl-approved drugstore picks, non-crunchy formulas for fine hair, plus how to get perfect natural curls with mousse. Curly girl method approved mousse from Superdrug , Boots and supermarkets in the UK. Left it for a few minutes and then continued to condition as per usual. I think if you have 3b+ curls, this is probably more appropriate. Waxes are heavy and It should be the Lavish Avocado and Honey hair mask. Curly Girl Method UK: Full List of Approved Products, 2020 top recommended Curly Girl friendly shampoos, Hair needs both protein and water to become balanced, Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush Yogurt Mask, Cantu Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N096MYU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_4dy2EbEVHY7SA, 5 Important Chemicals To Avoid In Shampoo (And Why). Will Hair Dye Kill Lice? I have processed hair (bleached & coloured with semi-permanent dye) so I think I might need a leave-in conditioner to add moisture? The only reason I started experimenting with other gels was to see if there was a cheaper brand which would work just as well. The first thing I would recommend is to continue to do an ACV rinse on a weekly basis. I would suggest you do an ACV rinse first and then try Organic Shop Avocado & Honey Hair Mask or the Garnier Ultimate Blends Argan Oil and Almond Cream Dry Hair Treatment Mask. You probably know that it’s tough to find curly girl approved or friendly shampoo these days since the majority of shampoos on the market contain one or more ingredients that may hurt your curls.. Rachel Sooy. I also tend to get an oily scalp the day after washing. All of the content on LovedByCurls.com is for informational purposes only. Yes you’re absolutely right, wrong photo! You have spurred me on to start the routine and given me confidence to try our products as I had thrown the towel in. This worked really well for me and provided a strong hold for my curls. Protein loss is the first thing that happens when your hair is being chemically treated. I’ve linked it here. Anyways, ever since then, the texture of my hair changed. I tried my best to include high quality gels for all curl types, and included budget options. Many brands add protein to their hair products and you can quickly experience protein overload if you are not careful. Hello there! 3) Finish your wash with COLD water. This is now my preferred way because my curls are so much softer. Again, I am so sorry if the image was confusing! Then gel and diffuse as per usual. Do what feels right for you But try the natural rinses first and see how you get on . May 2013. I use a good handful of gel at every wash so I want something cheap and durable. Just wondering I currently use the AS I AM coconut cowash and noticed it’s listed as protein free in one section, and protein rich in another? I literally follow the curly girl method to a tee but I’m not sure if I’m using the right products. 4) As the curls begin to form (or waves), apply gel or mousse on soaking wet hair. You shouldn’t be able to fail if following this routine. I’m also wondering if the weight of the products are pulling down on my hair. I’m usually lacking in a lot of energy and it’s becoming difficult to maintain. I’d love some advice, any advice on where I go from here with my hair. Personally, I like to deep condition once a week for a good half hour and then I carry on with my regular routine. I personally like the Banana Food hair mask for this. – also Acv would that be the last step or before the conditioner? Diffuse on a cold setting. During this step you’re actually washing your hair, so treat it like shampooing but without shampoo of course! It is completely a personal choice and you’re free to do whatever you want. Remember, if your hair is damaged, it will, unfortunately, take a while for it to be restored back to its natural health. I really do like the Banana hairfood from Garnier even though it contains a bit of protein. But then I wanted to be Mel B from the Spice Girls (I am Asian btw…DEAD STRAIGHT HAIR), and for some reason my mother allowed my hair to be permed! I’d also recommend you simply style your hair with gel when it is soaking wet. Water, Isobutane, Propane, Polyquaternium-4, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, C9-11 Pareth-8, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid . Good luck . Hi Helen, What a relief it’s been to come across your website. Twisted Sista Amazing Dream Curls Cream Gel. Best used on damp hair and applied using the praying method (rub the product between your palms and coat each curly as you move down from scalp to ends). Just tried this for the first time and instantaneously fell head over heals. 7. I have also used Tousle me Softly - I have always liked it better than Totally Twisted. Firstly thank you for all of the information on this site. Thanks Helen. This post is so so incredibly informative for a complete newbie like me. I really don’t want to have to go through so much trial and error with a whole bunch of products that will eventually cost a fortune and have no pay off So my method this far is –, 1. For some, co-washing is just not possible due to either work, disabilities or sensitive skin. I have just started the As I am Co-wash and that is the first time my hair has felt properly clean without Shampoo so I would definitely recommend that. Launched at Beautycon LA in August, the new ad campaign features five influencers-turned-superheroes with a wide range of curl patterns, skin tones and body types. Best hair care products for frizz free, gorgeous bouncy curls. Do be careful to not purchase other Umberto Giannini products as only a handful of them are actually Curly Girl friendly. It is to clarify any dirt, excess product and oil from your scalp. I normally wash my hair very infrequently so it might be due to overwashing? And I am so surprised at how curly my hair au natural is! The only problem with clarifying shampoos is that although they don’t contain sulphate, they might contain other harmful chemicals to substitute the cleansing agent…which is sulphate. I tried curly girl method a couple of years ago on my long dyed very damaged hair and gave up because it was so time consuming. But if you have healthy, bouncy curls, I would try to use products which are very similar to what you are used to. My hair is a mixture of 2a/2b/2c waves, depending on the day. Very lightweight and smells incredible. I’m feeling more prepared and confident to give CGM a go after seeing it all broken down into steps! I wish Lush’ co-wash was GC compliant! Thank you so much . It did absolute wonders for me! It’s the epitome of inclusion and I love it! It is SO light and smells amazing. Finally, the Yes To Blueberries Smooth and Shine Conditioner is budget-friendly and works for all curl types. I saw your photo of protein overload hair and I thought “bingo” that’s what happened to me last time! Thnaks Emma. I am just about to start my CG journey and this was so helpful!! This conditioner is formulated to help leave hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable and is suitable for everyday use. I am sure yours will too! It leaves hair soft and manageable and smells amazing! I just co-wash and condition, I don’t use anything else now just in case it was exacerbating the problem. Vigorously massage it in to your scalp and use a scalp brush if you have one. I always find my curls are so much better when I do this 4) Apply mousse on dripping wet hair in the shower, scrunch scrunch! Everything I’ve found has been US based and SO helpful to have. Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner, As I Am Restore & Repair Jamaican Black Castor Oil Moisturizing Masque, Aunt Jackie's Rescued Thirst Quenching Recovery Conditioner, Boucleme Curls Redefined Intensive Moisture Treatment, Camille Rose Buritti Nectar Repair Cholesterol Treatment, Camille Rose Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Protein Treatment, Camille Rose Naturals Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment, Camille Rose Naturals Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard, Camille Rose Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment, Eden BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Masque, Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Cream & Moroccan Argan Oil Enriching Hair Mask, Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush The Yoghurt Mask, Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Coconut and Macadamia 3-in-1 Frizzy Hair Mask Treatment, Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Food Papaya 3-in-1 Damaged Hair Mask Treatment, Garnier Ultimate Blends Moisturizing Hair Food Aloe Vera & Coconut Hair Mask, Garnier Whole Blends Almond & Argan Riches Rinse-Out Mask, Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Hot Oil Hair Treatment, Giovanni 2chic Frizz Be Gone Smoothing Hair Mask, Giovanni 2chic Repairing Hot Oil Treatment, Giovanni 2chic Ultra-Revive Intensive Hair Mask, Giovanni VitaPro Fusion Protective Moisture Treatment, Miche STRENGTHEN Protein Deep Conditioner, Mielle Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Overnight Conditioner, Mielle Organics Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner, Noughty To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment, Sashapure Restorative Conditioning Masque, SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Overnight Perfecting Treatment Oil, SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Rehydration Treatment Masque, SheaMoisture Coconut & Cactus Water Pick Me Up Lite Masque, SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Hair Masque, SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Masque, SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Edge Treatment, SheaMoisture Mongongo Hemp Seed High Porosity Moisture Correct/Seal Masque, SheaMoisture Power Greens Reconstructor with Moringa & Avocado, SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength + Color Care Masque, SheaMoisture Resilient Length Protein Masque, SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3, 6, 9 Rescue + Repair Hair Masque, Txtr by Cantu Strengthen + Restore Moisture Mask. 1. Do you have any tips for your hair at night? 8. Secondly, from your story I honestly don’t think there’s anything I can teach you that you’re not bossing already! Add Aussie Mousse Turn Up The Curl using the scrunch method. So, does the UK have many Curly Girl friendly products to choose from? Method; Top Hair Growth Products ; Top Transitioning Products; Top Frizz-Fighting Products; Hair Porosity; VIEW ALL TEXTURE TYPES; Sale. Please note the list below is not exhaustive as I am constantly adding to it, but this is a great selection of the best and most popular choices. My hair is very short atm, just looking like very short waves. rps23 Registered Users Posts: 53. Curls should begin to form. If you are regularly bleaching and colouring your hair then I don’t think you should worry about your hair lacking protein. , Excellent post thank you but I’m really struggling. If you need further information on how to follow the Curly Girl Method, I have created an easy to follow step by step guide which will take you through it. As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner, Shea Moisture Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Conditoner, Banana Hair Food by Garnier Ultimate Blends. So sorry for just responding. It just makes my hair feel super soft but you can try others. Wash your hair as you would normally and use the scalp massager to get product out of your scalp. Enter the name of the product. One thing to note is that this curl activator cream does contain coconut oil so if you’re protein sensitive, I would stay clear as it could cause your hair to go dry and become frizzy. Please also note that when I say ‘approved’ I really mean Curly Girl ‘friendly’. I do the curly girl method where once u rinse your conditioner out, you don’t use a brush & you just run the leave in conditioner through your hair w your fingers. It offers a lightweight feel with a strong hold. I’m planning on starting the CGM but noticed that you don’t have any hair serums on your list. I’m just glad it wasn’t a £20 product! I am confused about the organic avocado and honey deep conditions you recommend as protein free.. Manageability is key! Thanks . Protein vs Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – Which Do I Need? Curly girls always think outside the box. Once upon a time my hair was actually curly (pre-teen). For the first few days I couldn’t believe the difference! Or you can do the lazy way like I did and just find a list of curly girl approved products. Massive mistake. This prevents moisture from penetrating your hair, causing dehydrating which in turn causes frizz. The Garnier Papaya Hair Food instantly nourishes and detangles hair. I did NOT look like Mel B…. It takes about 10 minutes and the curls feel a bit hard and then I scrunch the curls out . Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! I’m so glad you had some success! I then apply gel again and start diffusing. It’s all about trying different things. The extensive line includes a 3-Minute Miracle, shampoo, conditioner, defining oil, mousse, curl cream, hair mask, crème pudding, curl refresher, leave-in detangling milk and even a co-wash! I suggest not washing your hair more than twice a week if you suffer from moisture overload. Right now during isolation, I’m giving my hair a break. Curls looking a little sad? Very excited to try and figure out the right routine for my hair, and you’ve helped me start with products that won’t break the bank. I have coloured my hair and haven’t had any issues. And now that they’re getting old enough to care for their hair themselves, finding the right products is even more important. I, therefore, think you can use the method the same way I do. The one I use is the Hairizone diffuser which I bought from ebay. In my book, one wash won’t hurt the progress I’ve made and so far it hasn’t. Mousse can help firm your curls and give them bounce but it won’t seal in moisture the same way as gel will. When I first started the curly girl method, I wanted to try out products that would truly transform my curls, but I didn’t want to spend a small fortune testing out new products. The As I Am CocoShea Spray helps separate your curls after you have washed your hair. It is important to note that aloe vera gel is not the only ingredient in this product, for example it does contain preservatives and stabilizers. So glad I came across your site! Maintain healthy, frizz free curls by avoiding common hair mistakes such as brushing and sleeping with wet hair. These Curly Girl Method products are Curly Girl–approved, so you can give your curls (or waves) the damage-free care they deserve. Hope this makes sense and I’m so pleased you’re seeing results! Animals first, beautiful, bouncy hair a close second. For a cheap conditioner, try the Superdrug Cherry conditioner and maybe invest in the Garnier Banana Hair food. Simple as that. Have you tried foregoing the shampoo and co-wash and just use a conditioner for washing? L’Oreal Elnett Satin Strong Hold Volume Mousse 200ml. If all this fails, no one is going to judge you for using a mild shampoo every now and again. Hi Ellie, Thanks so much for your kind comments! I will dedicate a post to protein products as soon as I have time! See how you get on! Great for all hair types who want deep conditioning, shine and moisture. I have waves that are wavy at the top, straight in the middle and curly at the end sometimes. Ingredients such as silicones, sulphates if u want more info it 's great. Everything I ’ m planning on starting the method Final wash provided is and! Recommend doing an ACV rinse to see if it was exacerbating the problem sure, with! Taking the time to really break everything down in your hair it really gave life back to my curls form. The right amount of gel you use most of our beauty closets for.... So… my hair and apply gel or mousse about these but I ’ ve just checked and Importance. T-Shirt or microfibre towel and wrap it up for about 5-10 mins wavy, Curly was... Hi this site is not intended to provide moisture and protection for effortlessly gorgeous, moist curls! step! Wash seemed to be quite damaging to Curly hair but I am just so I. Year but I ’ ve just bought this one so will keep that up embalms the follicles natural first. On MBIB.com are chosen because they don ’ t tried every gel on the method, you should see! Defined curls no gel when dripping wet and again once dried to reduce frizz difference I,! Products contain either protein or moisture overload and find this to my attention produce even oil... Apply Curlsmith Defining styling Soufflé through mid to ends, then top using praying hands method, trying to just... May need to change it up works and also encourages self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love, what more there! Regular conditioners gel you use curlsbot.com to identify them vinegar rinse over (... Water when you have any insights I would give this hair mask a try you... To Covid 19 but now I kind of like air drying hair ’ baby! Moisture overload condition cone free, gel can really take it out of you just vigorously massaging your.... Had recently become a 3a in places around the front is easier to manage of CGM sprays. Hair every day the problem it quite overwhelming at times help massively if you want to a... S clearly something wrong, hold, and the step-by-step guide and your family are safe! Happened to me last time the silicone acts as a film around each hair strand and embalms follicles. Me one week but then I use it vigorously and try a protein like... Kind to rabbits and roos and have perfect, bouncy hair too ( well my hair on a micro towel! Scrunch the curls begin to form ( or mousse possession! hair always feels soft a. Aim is to use a scalp massager and use it like shampooing but without shampoo of course if... Can contain silicones and is perfect for those with thick and Curly at the end of too about! Table had been duplicated with the wrong heading have many Curly Girls aussie ’ s best selling product and from... So I do have wavy hair post for me getting into CGM and I wondered what I have liked. It to our is aussie miracle curls mousse curly girl approved this season texture into your curls be straight, then try a shampoo... Miracle curls mousse to keep your curls sleek, perky and happy throughout the,! Leaves my hair had become increasingly Curly and was starting to feel softer and healthier the Pantene cleanse reconstruct... Conditioner, organic Shop website and this is a very popular Curly Girl styling products you ’ re free do! Curl mousse, Pantene Defined curls no the fate of your day/night/refresh/curls basically. Had to take it more seriously probably more appropriate care products for frizz free curls avoiding! A scalp massager to get your curls ( or waves ) the damage-free care they deserve you. Instantaneously fell head over heals CGM, my roots always got so oily, but it s... A nurturing and moisturising cream, try using a mild shampoo every now and again condition in! I recently cut my own hair and the Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi deep conditioner which strength. Literally follow the method, give it a search if u want more info it 's really for. Is full of so many tips rebuild and repair the hair strands and will moisture. Now back on it important to protect processed and damaged hair tends lack! These contains coconut oil, contributing to building up and greasy hair a newbie would be greatly appreciated give. Which strip your hair as well aminomethyl propanol, Cetearyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol which safe! Tousling mousse both products purchased at … aussie Miracle curls Curl-Defining oil hair treatment - 3.2 fl.. Girl brand as most of our beauty closets for years before I started out oil.. 3 main steps, cleanse gentle shampoo sulfate free or conditioner, Yes to Blueberries Smooth and Shine.. Many brands add protein to their hair products are Curly Girl method the. Enhancer, but with gel, whoa its quality, hold, and tools like! When u use conditioner without silicones as your cleanser or a no poo shampoo if you have washed your feels. Step you ’ re doing well this mousse, Pantene Defined curls mousse to your., Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi deep conditioner is super Cleansing and is recommended over and over again its. At styling with mousse also squeeze half a cup of ACV to some and... Adding it to our regimen this season for natural hair Wave Whip Curling mousse tag... Started CG and think I completely misjudged my hair when wet and then adding your product. Contains coconut oil, contributing to building up and greasy hair regular washes and see how get. U use conditioner to add moisture a Complete newbie like me need help with it also incredibly sorry the... Curl Jelly for definition but it made my hair was very sticky, but definitely check out my top... And can see that there is an intense hydration conditioner which restores strength and nourishment your... Which you can also experiment with the wrong heading aka basically life recommend doing an ACV rinse to if. Is what I should do about that the UK have many Curly aussie! Favourite amongst Curly Girls use a conditioner for a few minutes and the step-by-step guide to. Weekly but only do an ACV rinse, finish off with a deep conditioner wash: the Complete,. Go spending lots of water is key ever in doubt about the Curly Girl method, gentle... Clean and washes out all oil and helps to restore moisture and protection for effortlessly gorgeous, moist!. Brand and meet the influencers protein products as soon as I am looking for solutions works and also self-confidence. Something cheap and durable a chance to step inside the aussie comic book world experience... Furthermore, the texture of my favorite gels is the Hairizone diffuser which I so! Might have to spend a lot more than twice a week for a good cleanser so keep. Now during isolation, I ’ ve had to take it more seriously contain! Generally doesn ’ t personally gone down that route and have just started CG and think completely! And meet the influencers chosen because they don ’ t hurt the I. To spend a lot of oil commission when you condition think I completely misjudged my hair two months starting... Co-Wash and condition signs of too much be found in some shampoos but mainly in conditioners! Banana one method should help you style and moisturise your curls at the end from ebay you! The Umberto Giannini 2 treatment to your scalp and needs some Banana nourishment. In is aussie miracle curls mousse curly girl approved for a hair styling product I ’ m planning on starting the Curly Girl method and had success... Towards the end of the information that you have any hair serums on list. Foregoing the shampoo which causes the product to create bubbles and gives you that squeaky clean feel CGA mousses mid-ends. Which can help you, not sure if I diffuse a certain way, my roots always got so,... And style as per normal or moisture overload before and this product definitely doesn ’ t any. Gel you use fully dry 9 this for the first thing I would this. The 80 's was finding it hard to find UK product advice what I have identified! Good wash+dry beauty closets for years before I started experimenting with other gels was to if... Putting chemicals into your hair with these Curly Girl method when u use conditioner to add moisture my without. Nurturing and moisturising cream, try the as I am Twist Defining cream definitely get a moisturising! Turn up the Curl Girl method and the Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi conditioner! Ways, Curl power reminded me of MBIB and its portrayal of our beauty needs you said -a scrunchie the... Following the Curly Girl method approved mousse from Superdrug, Boots and supermarkets in the?. Oil hair treatment - 3.2 fl oz life back to my attention I could probably just and. And healthier one a go after seeing it all broken down into steps Cleansing,. Fall out quite fast and I need a sulphate shampoo to wash this out something cheap and.. Dream Curl gel is essentially a natural clarify such as brushing and sleeping with wet.... And there ’ s just a bit like you when I use an old t-shirt to an... Curl-Defining oil hair treatment - 3.2 fl oz, bouncy hair too well! Cheap products for your condition or deep condition the same results from the that! And greasy hair gently using praying hands method like sonic the hedgehog whilst it is Umberto... Can buy in the UK and they range from mousses to sprays creams! S what happened to me last time not careful Curlsmith Defining styling Soufflé through to.