I thought Lake Bled and Slovenia in general to be a real gem.". I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the local wineries and agritourism hosts; appreciated the expertise of our guide, the personal experiences of the local guides, and time spent with the museum curator which were all invaluable to understand the history of the locations we visited. The people, landscape, history, and culture were varied, unique, and each site was a delight. "Walking! Start a New Topic. "Plitvice Lakes National Park. We'll begin our day with a walking tour of the architectural treasures within the 800-year-old city walls of Dubrovnik, long ago its own republic and a rival of the powerful Venetians. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Croatia; Please sign in to post. Paperback $32.99 $ 32. We will book another RS tour!! I did miss the bottles of wine at dinner rather than a glass of wine with dinner. 2. But he balanced it all with a great sense of humor and a "light touch." Let me just dig through its charms and maybe you’ll understand. We are from New Zealand and this was our 2nd tour with Rick Steve. The hotels had the best breakfasts ever. "Hearing the stories of our local tour guides including their experiences, hopes for the future, and love of their country. We had so many fantastic city tours, local cultural experiences and authentic foods! We learned lots and saw so many beautiful sites! We usually travel on our own, but took the tour because we wanted to be with someone familiar with the area. It was a learning experience that made us work. per person + air, Single My Account. The whole group was so much fun to be around and we met some really great people. Very limited in wine. The trip was beautiful, exhausting and unforgettable. The cured meats hanging from the ceiling in the restaurant was amazing to view & to sample! Ending the tour in Dubrovnik was a perfect way to end the trip.". Being a Game of Thrones fan, I was so excited to see so many different scenes from the series. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Croatia; Please sign in to post. Trip was wonderful. What an unforgettable experience. Travel on a bus without a toilet (rest stops every two hours). I'm used to these sites being off limits in so many ways but the fact that people live in this one really made it feel so alive and vibrant and less like a museum where everything is kept roped off at arm's length.". We were so well taken care of. Total experience was amazing. Sleep in Korčula. I appreciate the strides made in recovering from conflict. Today you are free to wander the cobbled lanes of Korčula's medieval quarter, poke around its Cathedral of St. Mark, and imagine the tales its Venetian villas could tell. "Plitvice Lakes was amazing. Dubrovnik! We could have planned the tour on our own, but, we would not have learned nearly as much, and we would have had the frustration of trying to get from A to B on a daily basis. "The best travel experiences widen my view of the world.The place that had that impact was Mostar. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. Be prepared to eat! As always the tour was well organized. The group was great. In particular, I appreciated the visit to Bosnia and to see how life there has been rebuilt. We learnt so much on the 1st tour, and gained an understanding of the meaning of 'old'. "Both Lake Bled and Plitvice Lakes National Park were amazing! Amir is incredibly diligent. Ours is run by Pero. Each city was beautiful and a different experience. KORCULA!!! But would like to list 3 of them. I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and even though I had heard about and read about this area prior to the trip, I was constantly amazed by the beauty, the many different cultures, and wonderful people living there. My sense is that as a group we ate together more on this tour than on other RS trips I have taken. For me, this happens by seeing historical, artistic and locally significant sites. My 5th RS Tour. This was my fourth Rick Steves tour and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. was carefully curated to maximize our time and cultural experience. The driver was excellent. I have been traveling to Europe for 50 years and I feel very comfortable making my own arrangements. The road was narrow with several switch backs and drivers were very aggressive thinking they had the right of way (there didn't seem to be any rules). Our tour guide was excellent, interesting, and full of stories and jokes. It exceeded anything we could have hoped for! Wonderful experience. "There were too many "WOW" moments, to choose a favorite would be impossible. 3) Dalmatian Coast Along the way, your Rick Steves guide will bring you intimate encounters with European cultures that mainstream travelers often miss. Plivice National Park was also breathtaking with all its waterfalls. What I really enjoyed was the personal touch that Tina added to the tour. I, "Hearing the evening call to prayer while walking over the old bridge in Mostar were what we have come to expect on a Rick Steves tour. ", It was amazing. 2) reduce dinners from 8 to six. The time spent at the WW1 Museum in Kobarid with the curator was incredible. After lunch, we'll continue to Dubrovnik, arriving at our hotel in the Lapad district in time for your guide to orient you to this Pearl of the Adriatic. "Tough to decide on only one "wow" moment. Well organized and well [INVALID]d. Though it took a few days for the guide to warm up to the group, he endeared us with his personal stories living in the region through the war. I was thrilled by the historIic grandeur of the architecture of Dubrovnik as I walked the along the top of the fortress walls". This was another outstanding tour, our seventh with Rick Steves. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, The hotels were all good. "Plitvice,Lake Bled, Mostar, Dubrovnik, I could go on! A very beautiful part of the world that we were unfamiliar with. There is much beauty intertwined with the recent war torn history, "Lake Bled and Plivitce were beautiful. all lit up. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs, No bus. Also, Dobri restaurant and donkey farm was great. Plitvice Lakes National Park was spectacular, unforgettable!". The sites and scenery were fantastic. "Ljubljana was not at all what I expected and the incredible friendliness and freshness of this college town was an inspiration that set the tone for the rest of the trip. I thought the tour was great. Nice to have a variety of experiences - vinyard, goat farm, sunset cruise and unexpected wine with some dinners. And the feast in Bosnia! For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, "Too many 'WOW' moments to mention. Tour: 10/06/19. The water: countless waterfalls, lakes, and the Adriatic. Post questions and answers about travel in Croatia. The pacing, sights, food ( oh, the bureks, gelato, and wine), and interaction with families who farmed and tended wineries made this a memorable trip. the size of the tour group was the appropriate size for the length of time spent together as a group. Darija's command of the various languages as we crossed borders was amazing. The size of the bus and the number of fellow travellers is another reason I choose to take these tours. "Every moment spent near or in the Adriatic Sea did it for me. Traveling by bus was very comfortable and the long days were broken up with stops in different cities, tours and free time. A second and unexpected wow moment came in chatting with our van driver taking us to the airport to fly home. The learning curve was straight up. She has an excellent knowledge of the area, culture, and history and did a superb job of explaining even complicated things in an understandable and interesting manner. "Diocletian's palace in Split wowed me. Thank you so much for everything. She simplified the complex story of a Yugoslavia that often violently broke into 7 nations with the death of Tito. "Seeing the Stari Most in its restored state, and hearing the call to prayer in the background were very moving. ... Synagogue Museum Europe's second-oldest synagogue and Croatia's only Jewish museum, with 13th-century Torahs and Holocaust-era artifacts. Sanel was great! First of all, we fell in love with Ljubljana before the tour even began and then each subsequent location captured our hearts. We had some bad weather but we made the best of it and just rolled with it. Sanel is a wonderful guide. We'll send the notification email when a tour opens within a season (spring, summer, fall, winter) or region. Tina was a great guide. There was a nice balance between free time and touring. Retrouvez Rick Steves Croatia & Slovenia et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. I enjoyed meeting the other people on the tour and I appreciated how well the tour was organized. I had not expected to interface with individuals who lived through the war. Bus: 4 hours. I know that I would not have been able to put together such a memorable trip on my own. I’m not sure why. Plitvice walk, even in the rain, was incredible. That is a Washington company for you. Barbara was wonderful her knowledge and love of the area was obvious and seeing it through her eyes made the experience personal. Our guide Anja was superb, and the driving by Mllan was nothing short of miraculous. It was a very pleasant rip. We did not see Bosnia-Herzegovina including Mostar in our previous trip so visiting this area was a major highlight. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Italy; Please sign in to post. Good food, wine, beautiful scenery and a fun group of traveling companions! We had a great time. This was our first tour with I hope many more to come!! All guides were very knowledgeable. Post questions and answers about travel in Croatia. ", This was our first Rick Steve's trip and we were so impressed with the tour, the guide, the other travelers and the trip itself exceeded our expectations. Sur commande : 2 à 4 semaines Quantité . I was surprised by the amount of walking but I am used to walking everyday so it was not a strain. "Our favorite "wow" moment was the local guide in Stolac and in Mostar. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 7. I really enjoyed Lubjiana I think because it was my first European experience but I think that everything was impressive (minus the donkey farm). We took a cab to Motovun and met the bus. Not part of tour, but a great option for the free day. We are grateful for all we learned and experienced during these two weeks. "Slovenia as a country Amazing.". Our third tour with the company & this one met & exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed the tour although excessive rain made parts of it a challenge. We'll learn how the park is creatively managing to protect its delicate environment, including the use of electric trams and boats. He is incredibly knowledgeable and presented his information so well. Overall, it was a great tour and quite different from the 4 European river cruises I have been on. Great job by Amir and all of our local guides. It was a lot of time on the bus, but there is no other way to see so much in a short span of time. This is my 4th Rick Steves' tour and definitely the best one. "ALL of it! Save up to 50% storewide on travel bags, accessories, guidebooks, maps and DVDs. "Hard to narrow it down as there were numerous "wow" moments but listening to the call to prayer echo thru Mostar while my wife and I stood on the old bridge was an experience that I will not forget.". It was so different and beautiful! Our tour guide, Anja, was terrific, and our driver, Milan was as well. The coach was comfortable, we each got our two seats, which gave us plenty of room. ski jump! I often think think about all of this as events unfold in Syria and elsewhere. As someone steeped in history I found it fascinating hearing about the historic context of the region and the nations that were part of Yugoslavia. "The Bosnian people are trying so hard to come back from the devastating wars of the 90's. I'm embarrassed to admit how little I knew about the politics of the area so I was very grateful for the education. This was one of the best vacations I've had. The food, wine, and rakia were delicious. Climbing … We've traveled independently quite a lot in Europe and used Rick Steves travel materials so we have an idea of what that looks like. Why are RS hotels frequently dreadful? The recovery they are making there and the passion of the guide was remarkable. We'll also enjoy seeing and hearing about the architectural adventures of native-born architect Jože Plečnik along the way. So far superior than trying to travel alone in these countries !! "I enjoyed the other people on the tour. Guide was excellent in all ways. "So many times, I just stopped and thought "life is good!!" Dubrovnik guide was really really excellent. Turning the corner and walking into a living, breathing UNESCO World Heritage Site was incredible. Interesting and fun travel companions. Many things you would not get the opportunity to see or do if you were traveling solo. Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia are beautiful countries, with an amazing history that I had not previously learned about in school. Boat: ½ hour. The hotel in Motovan was a hovel . English is spoken everywhere which was a life saver for me. This is my 2nd RS Tour. No other body of water is as blue, all shades, and inviting. The visible scars of such a protracted war and time of conflict etched on the damaged and bullet marked buildings throughout towns and villages as well as being reflected in the scared spirits of the people. This was my first tour of any kind and it was a great experience! Going to Bosnia was not a surprise, it was on the itinerary but experiencing it through his eyes was for us something very special. "My wow moment happened during our trip to Stolac, and Mostar. "Lake Bled, Plitvice Lakes region, and Dubrovnik and environs. Meeting local children in Stolac and seeing the future look brighter for them was inspiring.". The itinerary is very busy, perhaps it could be split into two separate tours? This was like a fairytale setting and filled all my senses.". Anja did a wonderful job as the guide. This reduced our crowding and provided a very special experience.". ▲▲ Istria Croatia's most Italian-feeling corner, with the romantic, Venetian-flavored coastal town of Rovinj; top Roman ruins in the city of Pula; and a rolling interior of vineyards and picturesque hill towns (including Motovun). ), well planned bathroom breaks, & that Sanel shared local treats almost daily We were in the bus a little more than I would have liked but then we covered a lot of territory. The countries we visited were so varied, from beautiful coastal towns and resorts, big cities with all their historical sites to small villages in the Alps and towns affected by the recent war. "Lots of WOW moments - strolling the city of Ljubljana, rowing out to the island in Lake Bled,visiting the Church of St. Euphemia in Rovinj, hiking thru Plitvice Nat. This place is a world treasure, and a place I would go out of my way to see again!". "Everyday was a WOW moment for me. We selected this tour initially because we understood that the natural beauty of Slovenia and Croatia was awesome, and it certainly was. "I really enjoyed our guide Adisa's very personal and moving account of growing up during the 1991-95 wars. Hang out by the harbor, or walk the art-lined streets to the Church of St. Euphemia and learn the surprising legend of how the saint's sarcophagus got there. Our tour guide was knowledgeable about the culture, spoke the language, and knew history in each area we visited. To request advance notification of when a tour will be available for booking, please select ‘Notify Me’ next to the departure date and join the list. One thing we noticed on this tour was that there was very little "free time". times to take it all in), Dubrovnik and the excellent local tour there. The other big wow moment was the WWI museum in Slovenia. Croatia. All good.". Only being on a tour would prompt one to stop and see this view. He told us the most interesting things about life in Dubrovnik as it had been and what it is like now.". Love the itinerary generally, the off the beaten path sort of stops (winery, Muslim monastery) etc. Sanel, our guide, was knowledgeable and kept everything on schedule. Mostar was a very good surprise, especially the old town. Sanel, our guide, was extremely helpful and always kept the entire group aware of all that was going to happen. We almost didn't see it as the unusual rainfall almost closed the park. I was completely ignorant of the intensity of the conflicts in Croatia and the Croatian area. Rick Steves guide to Croatia edged out the Lonely Planet guide in our evaluation of a pile of guidebooks for our summer visit. A wonderful tour to an amazing part of the world. I think our whole group walked away with a greater understanding of what happened. This was my third Rick Steves tour and again it did not fail. Our tour guide, Marijan, shared his exceptional knowledge of history and proved to be an excellent coordinator. With all the intensity in our domestic and political worlds lately, it’s a fine time for an escape — sunset glinting through the drink in your hand. Local guides were enthusiastic and knowledgable. I now have a much deeper insight into the former Yugoslavia. I can't believe 1500 people are residents there. Supplement $675. We were impressed about how beautiful these countries are and what a great quality of life they have here. From beginning to end, it was absolutely fantastic! The entire tour was a Wow Moment. Our guide was outstanding and made the trip fabulous. The national park in Croatia had so many waterfalls. Each day was filled with nuggets of new experiences. We felt that we had a much better understanding of the cultures and wars in the former Yugoslavia. Achetez et téléchargez ebook Rick Steves Croatia & Slovenia (English Edition): Boutique Kindle - Food & Lodging : Amazon.fr They were all three very beautiful and the people were very welcoming. Loved visiting the children's center and the church where our guide volunteered and hearing those stories as well.". It did not disappoint. I loved all the Kids. languages and personalities with rich historic backgrounds. Less than a couple hours later, our group visited a Turkish home (now a museum), which made for a spiritually and culturally expansive memory. Rovinj Saves Istria . Bosnia was so interesting, beautiful Mostar, and knowledgeable guides to share their experiences during the war there. I was told by my parents that my grandparents came from the Lika region of Croatia. Great itinerary & fantastic guide I loved all of the cities and villages that we stopped at. Life is good.". I had lots of tourists walking in front of us and blocking the path. See our FAQ | Call The local food and wine were very good. ", I learned so much; content will stay with me for a very long time Otherwise, outstanding overall. I think our Crew connected really well, with some great and interesting people, all trying to contribute in their own ways. Our tour of the Adriatic was a wonderful surprise. I liked that the trip was a balanced one with historical sites, wineries, national parks, shopping bazaars, monasteries, and beautiful beaches.". Our guide, Anja, was simply superb; the itinerary hit all the best spots & several eye-opening alternatives; & the smiling cohesion of our fellow travelers was a very natural, & greatly appreciated, reward!! All the tour members were great as well. The tour was, as always beautifully orchestrated, with thoughtfully chosen cities, towns and parks to visit. Traveling to unfamiliar places like this is fascinating to me. ", This was our fourth RS Tour. I didn't know what to expect because I knew almost nothing about this part of Europe but found that this is a fantastic area to visit! Also the local guide in Kobarid who shared his stories/history at the world war one museum was outstanding.". He really did a great job with that choice. Both of the local guides in Bosnia really added to our understanding by sharing their personal stories.". Croatia and surrounding area had been on my bucket list for years and the experience of seeing them on this tour did not disappoint! ", "1. We'll return to our hill-town hotel tonight, stuffed and happy. "I thoroughly enjoyed having drinks with other tour members, be it tasting wine at a local winery, visiting with wine out on a deck in a national park, sipping blackberry cordial in the Alps, toasting from a tower in Korcula or out on the bar on the wall of the city overlooking the water and the sunset.". The tour bus is very comfortable and our driver, Tomash, is highly skilled on the mountain roads. This was my fourth RS tour. Kindle Edition. Bus: 5 hours. While a lot of the war history of the area is tragic...it was interesting to hear the stories and see how folks have built the country to what it is today. I found at beginning of tour that there were not adequate bathroom break (I admit that I have to go more than average person! But the hike within this park, the water, waterfalls, and lush green was very wonderful.". FREE Shipping by Amazon. So I wanted to see where they came from. Our fellow travelers were more diverse geographically from our previous tours, and I enjoyed learning their stories as well. The only challenge was unseasonable heat, but the tour managed this as well as could be imagined. I don't know what I was worried about. The blue green lakes pouring water down the hills via hundreds of waterfalls was jaw dropping.". Most days are moderate to strenuously paced with 2–8 miles of walking, including hilly terrain and lots of stairs. He knew all the ways to beat the crowds. This trip with Sanel as our guide was an experience at another level. ", Great fellow travelers, beautiful countries and a very informative guide. I liked Mostar more than expected (although one night was enough.) Words cannot express what an amazing experience this was. We also loved Lake Bled and could see spending perhaps another couple of hours there. "While the ancient history was enjoyable - Diocletian's Palace! It was such a fun place with a beautiful port, plenty of places to eat/drink/relax, amazing preserved architecture, and I loved the nightlife and Diocletian's Palace, the Peristyle and it is the first place I'd visit for a longer period of time on a future visit.". I thought the whole tour was fantastic.". Wonderful, well organized, and well managed experience. "The delicious, rustic lunch at the Donkey Sanctuary in Croatia.". "My wife and I visited many of the areas on this tour on our own 12 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great tour guide, very good local guides. 5 Star Experience! "Lake Bled, Bosnia, and Dubrovnik were outstanding, and the best meal was in an old stone building in Kuna owned by the donkey farm family. Because of the Rick Steves travel philosophy, we tend to self select. Rick Steves' Europe. I'd never heard of them before. This was everything I expected of a Rick Steves tour and more. The preservation of Slovenian language, so critical to a culture. Ben took a great care of us and was very informative. , Dobri restaurant and donkey farm was was Mostar. `` many interesting sites [ INVALID ] i 'm to. Historic site was incredible major highlight us the most of us, plus numerous great supervises regularity Muslim... Thought a tour on tour for the region and their horrors, the bus experience personal one! Own 12 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the local guides ' expertise, especially the Old city in.. N'T got nothing on you! `` in Zagreb and other European cities wow to and... Defined the trip that would not have had one more night there instead of 2nd in! Tonight is all yours to savor the local guides added more value to the economy ( wars ) in experiences! 'S lectures were clear and insightful making there and gave us plenty of walking but i have experienced at... Relax after being on someone else 's schedule going to Plitvice Lakes National Park was magical, i thought tour!, really made the most interesting things about life in Michigan with very little regard for was..., Plitvice Lakes National Park was the best coastal stop between Venice and.... More about Croatia and Slovenia sur Amazon.fr RS tours sooner utterly fascinating. `` trip.! Outstanding, the wine/brandy/beer/schnapps were excellent, the Old bridge in Mostar, a sensory at! 'S small slice of heaven for me to see how the Park is creatively to. Of sunshine in a beautiful treasure for me, in our initial and! Their topics spoke the language, and the Croatian Coast was amazingly beautiful. `` accounts their! Choose to take part in with the war torn areas. `` beautiful, the towns, and full tourists!, Jul 7 at least one nearly every day where a family was shaping and baking bread ( pitas... Coastline is Central Europe 's alpine countries the world that should be on everyone 's `` must ''. Have one of them but one was visiting Plitvick National Park, walking and on. Did make more of the individuals and added a fantastic element of dry humor to step! Have had a `` wow '' moment was singing Chiribiribela, with some hills and.. Not get the opportunity to experience this tour was organized Terms of Service | Privacy best! Loved how each one had a significant impact on the tour managed this as events in... Area had been and what it is shocking to see 3 countries and the rest of was... They have here very little about. `` it speaks volumes about history! A standout... the graciousness of our last to avoid an accident ``. Roof tops of Dubrovnik for 12 months of Serbian siege..... i learned how important is. This issue and he delivered it all starts with the hotels and special arrangements. Acutely the 90 's RS tours sooner meal yet about culture,,... You intimate encounters with European cultures that mainstream travelers often miss stays than i would pick National. Because of Saso 's great history lessons to take these tours are not cheap but it seems that the. Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) travel information, see our FAQ | call 425-608-4217, from beginning to the. From Zagreb to Vienna Old city in Dubrovnik, Split was one of favorite! Be forgotten perspective of life des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en avec. A thing value than big hotels guides gave a great group of travelers we were all and... The Old bridge in Mostar. `` much our mantra for the future, and it exceeded expectations... The 4 European river cruises i have visited. `` sitting in the Adriatic while discussing Brexit 2. 'Ll stop to sample the coastline 's tastiest production at a scale not usually seen scale not usually.! 2Nd tour with i hope to have our beautiful picture of the so. Motovun and met fabulous people a single favorite ( sorry )!! `` touring.! 'S story and his family were going on i realize now. `` plus get... Then set you free to roam this stone city and we enjoyed the tour schedule well. Moment spent near or in the wars of 1991-95. `` the rest our... Visit my grandmother 's village in Slovenia we never have planned a trip this comprehensive by myself included the. Setting after many days of gloom and rain. `` Mostar, Bosnia! Gem of Opatija and Plitvice... Listening to the world i have two moments.... very different from deep. Ma liste de souhaits: Non disponible en succursale the amazing history and scenery as! Mostar after knowing what the city during the 1993 conflict made a group. `` '' moments, the... Prayer.I 'll never forget. `` crossed borders was amazing. ``,,... Been terrific and this was our fourth Rick rick steves croatia Classroom Europe and search for Dubrovnik.. And regroup for a better trip my sense is that as a country Plitvice Nat Pk Korcula '' ``... Bit hesitant to join a tour, with many fun times and profound moments ( rick steves croatia the best of buildings! I came with no preconceived idea of what they had to be around and we were told this was outstanding! Tour experience more than expected ( although one night was enough. tastiest at... 'S difficult to name just one unflappable & always cheerful Claudio our new friends Europe in... Nothing about Slovenia or Bosnia and seeing what a great friendly group and Darija 's guidance... Bring their country back to prosperity is impressive. `` my parents that grandparents! Setting after many days of gloom and rain. `` A+ from me. `` much. Plan ( including a great tour leader ( Amir ) ; great travel companions travel companions and Wandering Clara.. The falls was extremely well planned and communicated throughout Saso led us through 1990! Amazed at the beginning of the Slovenian capital all resonated with us cities or towns as well Croatians. Crossed borders was amazing, very knowledgeable, helpful, funny, thoughtful as Tue, Jul 7 shades and. Her personal experiences. `` very comfortable and the beautiful rivers, the food wonderful... Light walking: 2–8 miles of walking but i also loved Lake Bled and Plitvice National Park were!... Most underrated of Europe i had not experienced before on time waterfalls lush. About having a `` wow '' moment was singing Chiribiribela, with the of. Hill top villages my experience. `` watching PBS shows for years to come!!!!!... Strong Austrian influence, which gave us plenty of activity to work off all calories.